51 Split Bass

Der Lindy Fralin 51 Split Bass ist der perfekte Replacement Single Coil Pickup für den 51er Precision Bass.

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Lindy's ingenious 'split coil' design for the '51 Precision Bass features two side by side RW/RP coils wired in series. Standardly made with polynylon coil wire overwound +6% and Alnico V magnets. You get all of the thump and presence of a hot vintage single coil early Precision Bass pickup without the noise! Fine choice for studio or stage work. Drops right into your old or reissue '51-'57 Precision Bass. Simple single conductor/one ground output wiring; no tricky rewiring or lousy sounding active electronics are needed to produce robust output and great tone with low noise. Lindy tells me that this pickup sounds so good that it may make multi pickup basses obsolete!


UVP: 219,00 Euro

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