Jazz Bass Split - Set

Die Lindy Fralin Jazz Bass Split Pickups klingen sehr frisch und authentisch.


  • Jazz Bass Replacement Set
  • handgewickelt
  • Alnico 5 Magnete
  • 4-Saiter Satz
  • Steg-Tonabnehmer 8,5 K
  • Hals-Tonabnehmer 8 K

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Lindy's ingenious Split Coil Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup design involves two side by side RW/RP (reverse wound/reverse magnetic polarity) coils under the stock black plastic cover. No matter how you combine the two essentially humbucking pickups with your volume controls the lowest possible noise floor is maintained with the highest possible output. Great choice for studio players. Drops right into the bridge position slot of your Fender P/J Bass. Simple single conductor/one ground output wiring; no tricky wiring or lousy sounding active electronics are needed. Construction features of the Lindy Fralin Split Coil Jazz Bass Bridge Pickup include Alnico V magnets, black fibreboard coil form, black plastic pickup cover and cloth covered output leads. Mounting screws are included.


UVP: 359,00 Euro

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