Split Blade Strat - Set, weiss

Lindy Fralins Split BladeTonabnehmer sind echte Humbucker im Single Coil Format und somit praktisch nebengeräuschfrei. Durch das einzigartige Design bleibt jedoch das drahtige und klare Klangbild der traditionellen Single Coils erhalten.

  • 7,5 -11 Radius
  • Set mit Hals-Mitte-Steg Pickup
  • Farbe: Weiss

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This is a fully hum-bucking replacement for Strat® style pickups with all the high-end clarity you expect from a traditional single coil.


  • Output: Vintage, Blues or High Output
  • Color: White
  • Radius: Standard 7.5" to 11" fingerboard radius

The Split-Blade is available in three outputs (Vintage, Blues and High Output) and two colors (white and black). All 3 sets come with a 10% stronger bridge. Pickup radius options based on neck/fretboard radius of your guitar: from 7.5 to 11 inches use the "Standard" Curve and from 11 inch and flatter use the "Flatter" curve.

This design likes being close to the strings and will not pull the strings out of tune. It will work fine with a 500k pot for a brighter tone.


UVP: 359,00 Euro

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