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Lindy Fralin Jazzmaster Hum-Cancelling Steel Pole - Set

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The Fralin Hum-Cancelling Steel Poled Jazzmaster gives you a Hum-Cancelling P-90 tone for your Jazzmaster. Similar to our Steel-Poled Jazzmaster Pickup: a thick P-90 sound in a Jazzmaster cover, with no hum. Thick, beefy, and harmonically rich.




The Fralin Hum-Cancelling Steel Pole Jazzmaster set of pickups is perfect for anyone looking for a P-90 Sound for their Jazzmaster, but hates the hum produced by single coils. These pickups are built with the same specifications as our Fralin Steel Pole Jazzmaster Pickups, but with a 2-coil design for no added hum. The Hum-Cancelling Jazzmaster leans more to the tone of a P-90 than a single-coil, but because of its 2-coil design, is thicker and darker. These pickups are wound with 43-gauge wire that blends the P-90 and single-coil sound perfectly. The Hum-Cancelling Steel-Poled Jazzmaster Pickups are beefier than the Steel-Pole Jazzmaster Pickups with an even thicker sonic footprint. Our Stock Set is a Stock bridge and -10% Neck.


When playing clean, these pickups sound large and rich, especially in the lows and highs. Closer to the sound of a P-90, Hum-Cancelling Steel Pole Jazzmaster Pickups will give you a dark, thick tone that is perfect for balancing out a bright-sounding guitar, or for those looking for more growl in their tone. Hum-Cancelling Steel Pole Jazzmasters sound thicker in the midrange with more of a “chainsaw” grind, as opposed to a smoother AlNiCo distortion.


  • Noiseless P-90 Tone in a Jazzmaster configuration
  • Adjustable Steel Pole Pieces for fine-tuning string response
  • Huge mid-range tone with more growl and aggression
  • Our Stock Set is a Stock bridge and -10% Neck.


Hand wound with 43 gauge single poly-nylon wire, bonded neo magnets, adjustable steel pole pieces and cloth leads. Players can experiment with 250K or 500K pots, depending on the tone you are after.  Available in black or white covers. Important note: This pickup is taller than a single coil Jazzmaster, and may require additional routing in some guitars.



Lieferzeit 6-8 Wochen


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