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Lindy Fralin P90 Hum-Cancelling Soapbar creme - Set

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A Lindy Fralin original! The Hum-Cancelling P90® has the big midrange and the bright wound string sound of the original P90’s with none of the hum. Made with Lindy’s 2-coil design, the Fralin Hum-Cancelling P90 sounds thicker and darker than our Fralin P90’s.




We all love the sound of a screaming P90 Pickup. It’s been used on countless records and countless guitarists rely on it to give them that aggressive tone they’re after. It’s Rock & Roll, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Blues, and Country all rolled into one. At Fralin Pickups, our Hum-Cancelling P90 Replacements are given a healthy dose of USA-Made Parts and wound by hand, and given a second coil to deliver the tone you love, with no hum.


  • Adjustable Pole Pieces for Fine-Tuning Single String Balance
  • Neodymium Bar Magnets for a Smooth Tone
  • Lindy Fralin 2-Coil Design For Noiseless Performance
  • Wound with 43-Gauge Wire to specification
  • Cover creme
  • USA-Made Magnets and Wire


Fralin Stock Set of Hum-Cancelling P90 Replacements are like our regular Fralin P90’s, only thicker, darker, and with no hum.  You can expect a thick, darker, round bottom-end, and a rounder, less aggressive top-end, with a clear, fat midrange in-between. Our Hum-Cancelling P90’s still have that undeniable thick Single-Coil tone that you love, only with no hum at all. Single notes have a punchy, thick sonic footprint and have great sustain. Chords break up nicely with a slight compression and great note separation. The Output is almost identical to our Stock P90’s, and they sound extremely similar – just a little thicker in the midrange. Fralin Hum-Cancelling P90 Replacements offer undeniable clarity and definition while remaining strong, fat, thick, and punchy. 



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