himmelstrutz Fetto C Luxe

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FETTO C-Luxe — Great Distortion Anywhere, Anytime


Once upon a time Himmelstrutz Elektro Art designed and made a pedal named FETTO Deluxe. This pedal came to be kind of a big brother of FETTO Standard and got popular by guitar players with higher wishes and healthy demands. From 2007-2009 FETTO Deluxe was made in about 100 copies and was then abruptly discontinued. The reason for this is still a mystery.


Due to a number of inquiries and a bit of inspiration, the mysteriously named FETTO C-Luxe was born out of the ashes of the FETTO Deluxe. It brings back the much missed 'Core' control, allowing the user to sweep the voltage of the pedal from 6 volts to 22 volts, all while using a standard 9 volts battery or plug. Additionally, it maintains that original Deluxe voice that is capable of being more 'modern' sounding than the other pedals in the FETTO lineup while still retaining all the qualities that make them special: perfect string separation, clarity, unparalleled dynamics, and amplike, organic sound.


Drive—Overdrive/Distortion control
Tone—Tone control
Core—Uncompression/Power control—like comparing tube amps from 20 watts w. tube rectifier to 180 watts w. diode rectifier
Volume—as loud as you'll ever need
Mid*—mid character (3 way toggle)
Presence*—more or less higher frequencies (3 way toggle)
GIMME—true bypass switching

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