himmelstrutz Fitzo Plus

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Go for Fitzo+ when you once and for all get the courage to give up those mid humped appliances you used year after year to 'cut through in the mix'. Maybe you 'cut through' that way but where was the playing feel, the string separation, the tone articulation, the music, the fun?

Here! We define Fitzo+ as 'Avant-garde.' This means your guitar and your amplifier tone will remain no matter the situation, in an alternative way—it's still a pedal but with a ground breaking tone and feel! What goes in comes out, with at least one more dimension added and definitely more raw. Stomp on the GIMME switch to hop into the 'cranky' landscapes, to get anything from pristine clean into a mild but raw kind of overdrive/distortion.

Then, if you need even more, more overdrive and why not also an increased level for the solo, push the MORE foot-switch. No matter how you use Fitzo+ everybody will recognize you're there. If you can play the guitar you can simply shine without any extreme mid frequencies, that's Fitzo+.

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