himmelstrutz Gekko

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Hop on Gekko to transport yourself out in the space, to that pseudo-natural place you didn't know existed these days. You have probably heard those kind of sounds on old vinyl, or when your drunk & sentimental grandpa yelled about it! But still you have no idea what he was talking about..? It's about an 'echo' or a'reverb' effect; the fantastic sound/feeling the old noisy man tried to describe was most likely generated by a magnetic drum machine or a tape echo! With that in mind, Himmelstrutz Gekko was born, to add a natural space, a not so clean, jumping lizardish sound to get heard in a mix and to make the creation of music more inspiring.Yeah, that's an appropriate way to describe Gekko—musical & inspiring! Added to that Gekko is not just another "blue/soft/analog sounding" echo/delay. It's worse. And louder, if you want...

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