Stringjoy started up in 2014 and we've been on an amazing ride ever since. At Stringjoy we come to work every day because we want to make life better for guitar and bass players of all stripes, all around the world. So, what does that look like?


We make all of our electric guitar strings, acoustic guitar strings and bass guitar strings right here in the USA, out of the best materials we can get our hands on. We don't take anything for granted with our guitar strings, and we don't do things one way just because that's how the other guys do them. We've approached all of our guitar string gauges fresh, top to bottom, choosing the string gauges for every set we make that will give your guitar perfectly balanced tension and tone. And we even offer completely custom gauge options at no extra charge, so that you can dial in the perfect set for you.

From the very first set of acoustic guitar strings we ever sold (it was a Light gauge, 80/20 bronze set, if you were wondering), our customer service has been second to none, and we're committed to keeping it that way. Playing Stringjoy strings is a two-way street—not only do you get great quality strings for your guitar, you get a team here who will work with you to find the perfect set for you, answer any questions that arise, or fix any problems that come up.

All of the strings we sell are 100% guaranteed to make you happy. No, really—we mean it. If a string breaks early, we'll send you another free of charge. And we don't do it just for marketing reasons either... how lame would that be?

See, to us, you're not just a customer—you're a client. We don't want to sell you one set of strings and never hear from you again, we want to work with you throughout your whole playing career. We'll be here with heavy gauge electric guitar strings when you go through a metal phase, we'll be here with killer acoustic guitar strings when you go through that singer-songwriter phase, we'll be here with flexible round-core bass guitar strings when you inevitably play bass in an 80s cover band, and we'll be here with extra, extra, extra light gauge strings when your joints get tired after 50 years of making great music.

We're not a massive faceless company that's in it just to please shareholders. We're real guitarists, who truly care about you, and will stop at nothing to make you happy. So, whether you need a sparkly, balanced set of electric guitar strings, a woody, natural sounding set of acoustic guitar strings, or a thumpy, punchy set of bass guitar strings, hit us up. We can't wait to make you happy.