SUV Low Rider

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 Low Rider is a transparent sounding Low Gain Overdrive Pedal.



The Idea behind the Low Rider Pedal is to get you the Sound of a Amp that's just going into Breakup. Think of a Deluxe Reverb or a Marshall Plexi at 5 or 6. The Low Rider does not alter your basic tone of the Amp much and get you in the breakup territory with the Gain set about from 11 – 1. With higher Settings you'll get a nice Overdrive Tones. Besides the Standard Tone Control there are 2 Mini Switches that let you tailor the Sound to your likes. Low Ride is 3 Position Switch which lets you add lower Mid/Bass frequentcies. This is very usefull for Amps that do not have a Mid control (for example smaller Fender Silver and Blackface Amps) The Hi Ride is a Gain Boost which adds overdrive but also some Presence. This might be helpful to cut thru a Mix.




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